Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do looks matter in a leader? A new study says yes.

A university study has identified the physical character traits associated with good managers.
handsome leader
Scientists from the University of Kent used groundbreaking forensic technology after interviewing 200 managers and other employees to assess the attributes of future high-fliers looking for career development.
The study found that appearance was as crucial as attitude and looked at which characteristics were seen to be best for male managers and female managers.
For a male manager, a pronounced brow and forehead were found to be trusted more, while for women, thin eyebrows, wider eyes and fuller lips made up the face of a future inspirational leader.
Character traits seen as crucial to business success included a "firm but fair" attitude and encouraging creativity and flexibility.
Professor Chris Solomon from the University of Kent is quoted by the Scotsman as saying: "The scientific findings show how Britons think a good business leader should look and behave."
He added that employees wanted a candidate with the confidence of experience and somebody who will rise to the challenge and make brave decisions in the tough current economic climate.
The news comes as Peter Ojede, the chairman of the Uganda Human Resource Managers Association, questioned whether the best looking people get jobs.
"It depends on the job. There are certain jobs like front desk managers, air hostesses, modelling and public relations where appearance may determine the successful candidate," he told newvision.
Do looks really matter in a leader?
Update: I've managed to get hold of the photofits created as a result of the study.
male face of business female face of business
Male face of business Female face of business


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